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Wenzhou Cida Fluid Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional supplier of valves of a set design, development, manufacture and sales service in one of the. Production base in the "China valve city" of Wenzhou Binhai Economic Development area. Professional design, production and sales of high precision sanitary fluid equipment, the products are widely used in the dairy, food, beer, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical fields.
Cida of enterprises have CNC machining center, machining centers and a variety of the world's most advanced automatic production equipment, a sound quality management system and after sale service center, R & D center, testing center.
Cida of series including sanitary manual butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valve, electric butterfly valve, sanitary manual ball valve, pneumatic ball valve, ball valve, sanitary manual diaphragm valve, pneumatic diaphragm valve, globe valve, check valve, pneumatic valve, safety valve, sampling valve, filter, Kong Gai, pump series; irrigation equipment; pipe fittings series. All products are made of different finish, materials and industrial standards, such as: DIN, SMS, ISO, IDF, 3A, RJT, DS, BS, BPE and other standards for manufacturing, the range of liquid products by Europe, the world USA and many other countries and regions recognition.
Cida of companies adhering to the "health, environmental protection, rest assured" business philosophy, to maintain a high degree of "advanced manufacturing technology, quality concept to create the perfect quality", with practical action to build a better quality, strict control, continuous innovation, to ensure that the quality of synchronization with the international. Strive to become the leader in high-end valve! As the valve industry leading brand of health!
Customization Service
1. What Linch Machinery can do for you
(1) Customizing for sanitary valves, fittings and containers with special sizes and non-standard sizes
(2) Customizing for a variety of health-class valves, fittings and containers with special performance
(3) Customizing for sanitary valves, fittings and containers with special structure
(4) Customization of sanitary valves, fittings and containers for using in special conditions
(5) Designing and customizing to adapt to other product compatibility
(6) Faster than competitors in design speed and shorten product development cycle
(7) To help your products to achieve different features, improve your competitiveness
(8) Save your secondary development costs, reduce product development costs
2. Wenzhou CiDa Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. customization service
We know that every working condition is different, so you never need to adjust your production processes to adapt to our products. Wenzhou Ci Da Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. is honored to design products individually to meet your specifications and requirements. All customized work is focused on your specific needs. Your request is our standards in design, production and quality control.
3. How does Wenzhou CiDa Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. work for you
a.At first we need to know your specific requirements and technical data
b.We will fully understand your needs and technical data
c.We adjust technical and design for second time
d.Complete the technical program
e.Get your confirmation on the technical program
f.Draw up standards of process according to the technical requirements
g.Make the mold
h.Trial production for the first product
i.Confirmation of first product
j.Customer confirmation
k.Start mass production
4. Why Wenzhou CiDa Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. can do it
(1) We have technical team with more than 10 years' experience in R & D and design of sanitary stainless steel products
(2) A complete system of control process to meet customer's specific needs and applications
(3) Our management mechanism is one-on-one project for each client
(4) More stringent process technology team, more skillful technology processing workers
(5) A full set of non-standard products processing equipment
R&D Technology
1. Each product is carefully inspected according to international standards.
2. All of our sanitary stainless steel products are guaranteed to meet your technical requirements. We take immediate action on any reported quality problems at no cost.
B.Technical Service:
1. We provide technical consulting services on stainless steel equipment and accessories.
2. We have a competitive abilities and rich experience in designing and customizing stainless steel products according to special customer requirements.
C.Additional Service:
We provide complete technical solutions for dairy, beverage, pharmacy, cosmestics, water, brewery, chemical industry production lines.
D.How we provide service:
1. Provide your technical requirements and drawings
2. Get primary reply from us within 12 hours
3. Get technical solution and quotation from us within 24 hours
4. Technical solution and quotation confirmation
5. Provide samples if necessary
6. Contract review and signing
7. Arrange production and shipment
8. After sales service
Company's History
2007-2010 yearIntroducing the most advanced CNC lathe processing in foreign countries
2012 yearEstablished a domestic sales department, mainly targeting the domestic market
2013-2015 yearThe workshop mainly produces butterfly valves, check valves, Union, etc.
2016 yearEstablished a forging workshop for various stainless steel forgings
2017-2018 yearEstablished foreign trade sales departmentSanitary Manual Three-way Plug Valve

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