#1 Customized Traffic LED Screen von damimi721 11.03.2020 03:41

Gantry Variable Message Flag
It is used to display information about roads (accidents, road maintenance, bad weather) and to induce traffic. The gantry type variable information board is operated by a microprocessor disposed in the control box, and the microprocessor is connected to the monitoring center computer through a signal transmission system.
1. Large gantry-style variable information logo for full-screen editing.
2. Pixel point spacing is P25/31.25mm. The pixel tube has a waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion field-type component structure. It adopts constant current drive mode and has overcurrent protection.
3. The display unit adopts multi-level modular design. The failure of individual points will not cause chain reaction, which increases the versatility and interchangeability of components, facilitates maintenance and reduces the amount of spare parts.
4. The variable information mark display content is clearly visible day and night, the static viewing distance is not less than 250 meters, and the dynamic viewing distance is not less than 210 meters.
5. The refresh rate per screen is not less than 100Hz. When the car is driving at high speed, the content of the logo is clear and stable.
6. Wind speed is 40m/s.
7. Each illuminating pixel of the display screen emits light evenly without mosaic.
3Custom processingYes
4Installation methodPillar type
5Rated current4500 (mA)
6Rated voltage5 (V)
7Resolutioncustom made
9Product specifications1000*1000mm
10power supply5V40A 200W
11Control cardsupport one-click repair
12Energy savingDedicated energy-saving IC and power suppliesCustomized Traffic LED Screen

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